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Alaskans and Coffee

Coffee and Alaska go together like Alaska and mountains, or peas and carrots.  Seriously, it’s intense.  There are many different options here too, statewide and local.  Coffee is everywhere!  And to celebrate the Alaska’s appreciation of coffee, we’re having an Alaskan coffee giveaway!  Read on to find out more…

Alaskans and Coffee were Made for Each Other

Alaskans love coffee!  It’s a little out of control.  Now, there are definitely some exceptions, but by and large, this holds true ‘round the state.  We’re even above Seattle on the coffee craze scale.  In fact, there are more coffee shops and stands in Anchorage (per capita) than Seattle.  I don’t know what causes it for sure, but I have a couple of theories to share…

First off, I think it might have something to do with our latitude.  We’re north, way north.  And with that comes the northern mentality of roughing it.  You know, working hard out in the cold, being in the elements.  Imagine even just driving to work in the dead of winter without coffee.  It’s somewhere between 25ºF and -60ºF depending on where you’re at, the car isn’t warm yet, and you’re still waking up.  That cup holder needs to be holding something warm.

My second theory has to do the nature of Alaska specifically.  Take summertime for example.  Alaskans are hardy people.  In the summer, we get it done.  Whatever “it” is.  From fishing all day during 20 hours of sunlight, to stocking up the woodpile, or hiking all over the place.  We need a little bit of caffeine to keep us going.  Where better to get it than from the bean?

Alaskans Have a Taste for the Good Stuff

The thing is though, we’re not talking about your average grocery store coffee.  Sure, people drink that too.  But many Alaskans have a deep appreciation for great coffee.  Expertly roasted, perfectly ground, deeply flavorful coffee is what really gets us excited.  Whether it’s an amazingly aromatic dark roast fresh from the French press, or rich, deep crema-topped espresso, we go for the good stuff.  You’re never too far away from some amazing cups of Joe up here.

Getting Coffee in Alaska

Speaking of never being too far away from coffee, let me share some of your options (and my favorites) with you.  First off…

Coffee Stands

Coffee stands are everywhere, seriously all over the place.  These were a new thing to me when we moved to Alaska (link).  I’d seen a few during a couple of trips to Seattle.  I was a little apprehensive about buying coffee from (or doing business with) a portable building stuck wherever there was space available (parking lots, roadsides, malls, etc).  For some reason, they didn’t exactly scream, “We’re an established cafe you can trust to sell you a fantastic cup of coffee.”  (After reading that sentence, I realized maybe I take coffee too seriously… Hmmm.)  But let me tell you, they can make some great coffee!

Turns out, all you need is water, a great espresso machine, quality beans and baristas, and you’ve got yourself some fine coffee.  But, it’s just like everything else.  You have to find the ones you like.  Some are great, some ok, some you wouldn’t stop at if you’re life depended on it (like restaurants, or bathrooms).

Coffee stands are by the far the busiest and most visited place to get coffee up here.  We have a few great ones near us that we frequent.  So if your Alaska travel takes you near the Mat-Su Valley, shoot us a quick message and we’ll recommend some great coffee stands for you.

Alaskan Coffee Shops

Kaladi Brothers Coffee

Kaladi’s is my favorite coffee… period.  I love their roasts, shops and the fact that they’re proudly Alaskan.  Now I’m mostly a black americano kind of guy, so I really appreciate the taste and quality of espresso, and I’m never disappointed at any Kaladi’s I visit.  I love it.  And most of the coffee stands in AK stock Kaladi’s coffee as well.  For a chance to try some, or stock up your supply, keep reading.

Heritage Coffee Company

Heritage is a Southeast Alaska staple, with die-hard fans, especially displaced Southeasters (you know who you are…).  I really like Heritage, and it’s a close second on my favorites list.  I’ve had their coffee several times, but I’ve also visited some of their shops in Southeast and they have something I think Kaladi’s is missing… that great, intimate and comfortable coffee house vibe.  Anytime, we’re in Southeast, that’s where we’re headed to fill up our cups.

Even more local

There’s also great unique coffee shops, like Jitters in Eagle River, or Vagabond Blues in Palmer, or the Sea Bean in Seward.  Chelsea and I love getting the chance to get away for awhile and sit down for some great coffee and conversation.  There’s no better place than these awesome local coffee shops.

Now Come Try our Coffee

Now you need to come try some of our coffee.  You’re going to love it.  We’ll see you soon.  Maybe we’ll even bump into you in line when you come visit.

Oh yeah, that Alaskan coffee giveaway…  Head on over and check it out!

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  1. Mike W. says:

    Loved hanging out at Seward’s Sea Bean!

    • I went there last summer while we were in Seward, and it was just as good as the first time. I really love it down there!

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